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    Conscious Manifesting testimonials

    People around the World have written to Ellie to share their stories.

  • Testimonials on Ellie drew's Conscious Manifesting Master classes and DVDs

    I’ve been waiting my whole life for this Conscious Manifesting information! by Kalama
    "Dear Ellie, I received the Conscious Manifesting DVD this week and just finished watching it with tears of gratitude. Thank you so much for sharing this information and for doing it in such a matter of fact and universal way. I am one of those who has been waiting my whole life for this information. I am also a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer and a major heart defect as a baby and survived, and using all I knew used parts of this process without knowing what worked or when or why. Now I finally understand. Now I can practice in a good way. Now we can all begin to really consciously work for peace. I am also a Reiki teacher and your spiral is interestingly like one of our symbols... no coincidence, there are very many of us throughout the world now. I also work as an MSW in home care, and teach the MDs at the U of A. I will be sharing info about your DVD with as many others as I can.
    Again thank you and Blessings to you!!"
    “I watched the Conscious Manifesting DVD 5 times at least! D. Klatt in CA

    I am so grateful to have found your conscious manifesting DVD through a recommendation by my health practitioner, Pam MacDonald. (She is a partner/colleague of Dr. Andrew Weil whom you may know of through his work on integrated medicine). Since I absorbed your process (watched 5 times at least!) and began using Marcey's music in combination, my health issues which Pam and I have been working on have all improved and for the first time in 7 years I am on a continual positive upswing towards more vitality and minimal to virtually no pain and measurable improved fitness.

    I have found your manifesting techniques, process and principles to be very powerful. I love the way you explain the foundations of the energy patterns at work in our universe and find your DVD to be very easy to grasp and to assimilate immediately into my daily life. Your process is a very digestible version of other intention-field processes that I have studied, most notably Deepak Chopra "Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" and Wayne Dyer The Power of Intention. I feel that you have found a way to synchronize immediately all the pieces necessary to spontaneously manifest. To me, the intention field/universal consciousness is the Holy Spirit that God empowered upon all people of the world, and that is there for us to use if we just believe, ask, trust and receive. "Knock and I will answer."

    In addition to my health, here are a few examples of how I have used CM recently:

    1. My daughter (14 years old) was at Marine World for a Halloween "fright fest" on a Saturday night. This is one of her first "no grown-ups" outings and was located about 30 minutes highway drive from our house. Upon driving to pick her and her friends up, I phoned her cell only to hear screaming, yelling, glass breaking, metal scraping, . . . all the sounds you do NOT want to hear when you phone to check on your daughter! When I finally heard her voice, she was frantic, choking on her words "Mamma Mom Mommeeeeeeeeeeeee come now! Something's happening! There are guns, it's a gang . . . Help me!"

    I was driving on the freeway bridge in fairly heavy traffic. I immediately/instinctively fell into your 5 step spiral including taking my right hand from the wheel to do the swirl and down hand motion you use. I asked that the white light of the Holy Spirit protect her and her friends. I immediately realized I needed to protect the area she was in, (like your tornado story) so I expanded my intention to include all that and all people in danger there. I included the filter that she & friends would think clearly and calmly and know what to do to avoid danger. I included a request to calm the source of the trouble enough to stop the violence long enough to break that pattern. I was passionate! But I stayed calm and knew (thanks to your EXACT process) that I would need to give it up/surrender to the universe in God's hands so I did. I "snapped" myself into the present moment (as best I can, it's still kind of hard but I use your image of the pieces zip-snapping from head to toe). Then I did another immediate CM to open traffic for me so that I could get there fast and to protect my car and all others from harm.
    Then I floored it.

    What would normally have been a 20-minute freeway drive I did in 9 minutes. Not one car got in my way; in fact it was like a wave moving ahead of me opening traffic. When I pulled off onto the exit, the traffic was bumper to bumper stopped from the exit all the way to the park. Again, I CM'd to clear a path, and I saw the middle divider margin had just enough for me to snake my car through to the front. I talked my daughter and friends directly to my location all the time repeating the CM steps on my original CM in my head.

    A gang fight for retribution of a killed gang member had escalated to gunfire in the main plaza. My daughter and her friends were in the adjacent gift shop, which was then immediately deluged with fleeing bystanders and other gang members with guns and mayhem on their minds. They looted the shop, broke every object, glass, displays etc. My daughters friend said during the middle of it (round the time I was CMing) she became calm and was able to think "Now, what are THEY (bad guys) going to do and how do WE get away? Move to back of store, stay low, stay quiet, hold hands so as not to lose each other in the melee, etc."

    5-10 rounds were fired into the crowd. No one was hurt. My daughter and friends arrived at my car shaken by fine. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and knew immediately that the CM had played a hand. Likely also that my strong intentions took hold with the scattered frantic intentions of the bystanders "wishing" to be safe and helped to guide that scattered intention into a positive solution with no harm done. Collectively, the strongest intentions won.

    2. A lifelong friend's father (whom I grew up next door to and feels like a 2nd Dad to me) is in failing health (Parkinson's) and can no longer live independently. He is 85 years old, nearly blind with very poor hearing, has a strong spirit, a very proud man with low income (social security and army benefits). He fell very ill, very quickly and had to be vacated from his apartment. We had no idea where to place him or where he could live with dignity, some independence, food/meal help, and medical care available etc. I did a deep long CM on it and let it go. The next day I got an idea, looked it up on the web, phoned, arranged visit and within a week I was driving him up to a beautiful VA home with full amenities including transportation, entertainment, social activities, all meals, hospital on site, etc. all included in a sliding scale fee based on his income and army benefits. It is only 30-minute drive from here, so we can visit and monitor him closely. He can live independently, but with the help he needs and it looks like he may be moving there just after the holidays!!

    3. Have a dear family that we are very close friends with. Became aware of a situation that could jeopardize many aspects of their life and for various reasons was unable to tell them directly about my thoughts/concerns. They needed to know, but I could not be the one to tell them based on my relationship with all of them. I CMed "please find a way for them to become aware of this without me having to get involved" then avoided contact with them for a few days. I got a phone call on the 4th day: "Oh my gosh, listen to what so-and-so (trusted business colleague of 20 years) has told me about this (blank) situation" and boom, they were made fully aware of the vulnerability, the colleague was thanked profusely, they verified with many other close friends the same situation/reactions.

    4. My husband and I were in a fight (sort of silent standoff situation) and he wanted to schedule a "meeting" to talk it through. I did not want conflict or discord. I wanted peace and harmony. I CM'd "wouldn't it be nice to go to a beautiful lunch, have some wine, talk, flirt, and make it into a "date" instead of an argument meeting." I then gave it up and voila! We had more fun than we had in a long while and neither one of us could even remember why we were mad.

    5. My daughter had a tough test in a college-level class and was worried about forgetting all the answers and messing up the test. Her project work in this class was always good "A" work, she studied like a banshee, but her test scores were consistently in the low 70% range. We manifested together that (1) her knowledge flow smoothly and easily during the test, (2) That she recalls all that she had learned both in class and while studying, (3) that all her studies be at her fingertips, and (4) that her mind remains calm. She got a 94%. :-)

    Ellie, I am fully grateful for the blessing of your process, your thoughts, and your connection to the universal consciousness in such a way that helps so many people directly. I believe your timing is very good to sweep the across the world and calm this worried planet that we have now. I will continue to manifest larger things for the greater good as I believe we all should and find remarkable results. Heart felt thanks for sharing your gifts with the world and for coming into my life. - D. K.
    “Your Creation Spiral simply makes good sense - in fact, it's "common sense!"
    Cynthia LaFond in Olympia Washington
    I've been on the "conscious creation (manifestation)" path for a number of years - having asked the Universe to deliver me real solutions on how I can actively improve the quality of my life. Well, that led me to lots of different physical and non-physical teachers. They have all been very helpful to me as I learned about "how to create my own reality." But one thing none of them answered in a way that I could understand so I could put it to practical use on a consistent basis AND succinctly explain it in simple terms to my children, grandchildren, non-metaphysical friends and family AND still be completely acceptable for every worldview was HOW we do that manifesting thing we know we do (or want to know that we can do). So, in a moment of mild frustration, I asked the Universe to give me an answer. Then I discovered you! Ellie, you explained in a rational, logical, simple way the "mechanics" of conscious creating!

    And you made it BELIEVABLE because your Creation Spiral simply makes good sense - in fact, it's "common sense!" Now I can move through all the parts of the Creation Spiral like a recipe and the more I use it, the more I understand it and know exactly "where" I am in the process. Your Conscious Manifesting fits the pieces of the puzzle together! Purely. Simply. And with Great Clarity. It is free of dogma and completely universal. It requires no faith nor magical thinking. It explains how to DO IT and your stories of its outcomes are exemplary.

    I want to give you a story of an Aha! moment we had watching the DVD. It was in the part where you explained the "Yang Loop." I think that everyone who watches this DVD will have their own "light bulb moments." My daughter was in the process of selling her first house and knew the dollar amount of what she thought the house was worth. Her agent suggested a much lower price and that's what the house was listed for, although she was really not very happy with it. Of course, the first weekend the house was advertised, the tenants came down with pneumonia and the house could not be shown. One thing after another, after another would show up. We dowsed for adverse energies, raised the energy, cleared the energy, prayed for buyers, switched the energy ... and all the while, my daughter could not shake off her "stuckness" that she wasn't getting what she REALLY REALLY wanted. Because she DID have offers - 9 of them in fact! Eventually, the house was taken off the market and then listed with another agent at a higher price, but still less than what she had in mind. At this point, she was so exhausted (and so was I dealing with her!) that there was "nothing else to do except to accept it" and she just let ! the whole thing go, come what may. Her new agent promptly sold the house for $10,000 above the listed price - sight unseen, to buyers who did not even look at the actual property before they made their offer! Of course, this was the exact amount her heart wanted and the house closed with no problems or issues. But it couldn't come about until she moved into Step #4 - Peace with the outcome. And now that she knows exactly where she got stuck at, she'll be able to ease herself out of that very uncomfortable Yang Loop and do it on purpose, knowing where she'll end up. This alone is a powerful, life-changing learning -- because I know that EVERYONE gets caught up in Yang Loops (the cul-de-sac boomerangs on the Creation Spiral) until they free themselves and move on.

    After I watched your DVD several times, from the invisible spaces of my van where things fall into and disappear, a card that I made last year suddenly popped back into my awareness. It landed on the cup holders and reads "Life Force Management Techniques - It's Time to Be the Creators our Creator Intended Us to Be." I'm sure this is why I was led to your work. Good job! I heartily congratulate you and recommend you to absolutely everyone :)
    Manifesting New Home for Pet: Thank you, Universe! Thank you Conscious Manifesting

    “I should take a little time to describe what happened with our dog, a yellow Lab named Ivory when trying to find her a new home. I wanted her to find the right family. Then I heard this tape about Conscious Manifesting by Ellie Drew and she gave all the steps for solving a problem. It worked like a total charm!

    I focused my clear intention about finding the perfect family for Ivory, then I waited until I could feel the right amount of emotion to energize what I wanted, and then I just let it go. On my way to a concert I saw people on both sides of the street walking their yellow lab dogs! I stopped to ask if they wanted another dog. They didn’t but happened to know of someone else who had just shared with them about wanting an adult dog for their family. I was given the woman's name and number.

    I called her that night and she came over the next morning to see the dog. I shared with her the fact that we had been battling fleas for the past few weeks. This didn't seem to be an issue with her, but when she left I started to obsess about it. I knew this was not the “Conscious Manifesting” thing to do! The rules of this process were: Let it go! Be detached! Don't hold on to what you want, but give it up to the universe! I kept reminding myself of this continuously because I wanted this family with four children to have our dog and kept thinking, "Oh, they'll never take her, especially knowing of the fleas." I went back and forth with my thoughts all that day always reminding myself to ‘just let go—if this wasn't meant to be something else would work in favor of the situation. Just let go.’

    Low and behold, she came back that evening expressing a desire to take the dog. All I needed to do was bring the dog by her house in the morning so the kids could meet Ivory before we made it final. I walked Ivory over to their house the next morning as they only lived one block over on the avenue parallel to ours. They loved her instantly and I agreed to bring her back that evening after school following her final flea bath. When I arrived with her at her new home that evening, she was all clean and her coat was glossy, perfumed, and rid of all the little freeloaders. I stayed with her and the family for quite some time as I watched her and the children gradually becoming acquainted out there in the front yard.

    When I sensed their union I hugged her and said goodbye, but dared not look back as I walked away. I knew she was going to get far more love and attention there and I would not have to deal with the ever present guilt I had been feeling for such a long time when I wished my daughter and I had more time for her. It was a good fit for everyone and what a victory. Because they live so close I can stop by and say hello to Ivory whenever I wish. They made it very clear that I would be welcome whenever I wanted to offer pats and a few words of love to our old family dog. Thank you, Universe! Thank you Conscious Manifesting!” From Kate T. Yuma, Arizona, April 2, 2001
    Manifesting for a Career Intention Works!
    “I did Conscious Manifesting again in relation to my artwork. I set my intention for being able to advance in my art work and study with someone so I can learn composition, color, design and drawing. Well, things seemed to start happening right after my intentions were set! I received some complements from an artist who said that my pieces at the Art Walk were the most talked about. Then I was commissioned to do a painting by another friend.” From Kate T. Yuma, Arizona, May 16, 2001
    Manifesting My Dream Violin!

    “I want to describe my experience with Ellie's Conscious Manifesting. I have been playing my 7/8th size violin since I was in high school. It was my first violin and I've always been satisfied with it—until I started taking private lessons and just couldn't get the deeper mellow tones that I wanted because of my violin's small size. It didn't help to have an appraiser say, "It has a small, old tone." Once he said that I couldn't stop noticing this. I am still attached to my little violin because of its history. I found out it is well over 200 years old, and was made in Bohemia in the mid 18th Century. That is very exciting. It is a well made violin and is in very good shape. None-the-less, I became unsatisfied so began to look for a full size violin to replace it.

    I found many dead ends—like the fact that they start at $12,000.00 with Mr. Duffy in San Diego who deals in rare and well-made violins. He convinced me that it would be a good investment and that I could make payments, but that wasn't good enough. I checked around more and found I would have to drive to Tucson to find anything reasonable and of good quality and try out several violins as it is important to play them and use many different musical pieces in the process to try different fingerings, different types of notes, different positions, different bowings, different timings, etc., etc., etc. I also checked with my orchestra conductor and she thought she knew someone who was selling one in town, but didn't provide a phone number. Soon after all this I decided to use Conscious Manifesting since nothing else was working!

    I decided to Consciously Manifest one night as I was driving home from a concert. With all the emotion of a mother with a sick child I stated to the Universe that I wanted a well-made, rich and deep-toned, beautiful sounding violin that I did not need to travel to find; that would be an extremely reasonable price; that I would like to have it as soon as possible, please. And finally a big, THANK YOU! I then forced myself to believe it and proceeded to let go.

    Less than a week later I discovered that I could rent a very special violin that was donated to the local college many years ago and could only be used by students taking orchestra. (I am enrolled in orchestra through the college!) The violin was under lock and key and could only be rented by a select student that was serious and mature about how to take care of a quality violin; thus it had not been rented yet and I was allowed to rent it! Two nights later I rented it! The cost ? $20 / semester. The value of the violin? $5,000. The sound? Exactly what I had imagined. All of a sudden my playing is sounding so much improved. I couldn't even go to sleep the first night after playing it and found myself getting out of my bed at 1:30 AM and playing and playing for close to an hour. What a blessing I have received. Thank you universe. You have done it again. Thank you.” (I say, You have done it again, Kate! Ellie) From Kate T. Yuma, Arizona, 17 Dec 2001
    Board of Directors uses Conscious Manifesting by M.F.

    "I'll start by putting out some thoughts on the Conscious Manifesting Process. After working successfully with visualizations for many years, I came across Ellie Drew's thoughts on the subject and tried her version of it. I found that she included some aspects that I, and I suspect others, may have been leaving out. I also found that her version worked VERY well. I used it in an extremely similar situation to ours (lack of paid conference participants). A multi-disciplinary group of health professionals, that I am currently president, was coming up to its annual conference in April '02 with extremely little advance registration. I guided the Board through a visualization/manifestation process and we ended up with sufficient funding for the entire year and lots of learning and growth for all!

    My re-interpretation of the Conscious Manifesting Process includes the following parts, and what we successfully did. 1) To have a clear vision in mind that looks at the long term goal (i.e. - what is our definition of success at the conference? - if we all work with the same vision, the result will be more likely). 2) To imbue it with our passion and emotion (to feel the need for this to happen) 3) To fully believe that this vision is possible 4) To draw forth either higher power (God, Goddess, the universe, the Tao, our guides, angels, etc.) or to use our will 5) To be totally non-attached to the outcome (i.e. - to be fine with the vision not happening) 6) To release the vision to the universe. I welcome other thoughts on this since I know that we have an immensely talented and experienced group.



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    lotus flower retreat workshops

    People around the World have written to Ellie to share their stories.

  • What people have experienced on retreat with Ellie Drew


    “The Soul Journeys Workshop explained so many things about mediation!”
    Gisela Hoffman, Director of the Peaceful Meadows Retreat Center in Boulder, Colorado

    "The course was everything I had hoped for and even more. It explained so many things about mediation that I had been thinking about but had not clarified. It is so simple to access the Inner World for guidance. It is so simple to get answers to your questions. My confidence for living in the NOW has risen greatly. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and how to make spiritual progress. Many of the books I've read are fascinating to my mind, I love playing with concepts and ides; yet Ellie Drew's class allowed me to understand how to get fully into my body so that I could LIVE the TRUTH now. I also learned that I can get the answers from the Inner World and not from an external world or being. I'm now living in the present more fully."

    “My eyes were opened!”
    "I loved every minute of the class. My eyes were opened to the amazingly simple way I can access information from within. I would love to continue taking classes from Ellie! Her teaching style is direct and honest! Thank you so much." Renee from Red Feather Lake, CO

    “We came from Georgia to Colorado to take the Soul Journeys Workshop!”
    "I liked all the information you gave us . . . the Qigong, the meditations, where 'center' is . . . basically the whole list on the board of everything we've learned! What I enjoyed most was going through the Blue Light Tunnel and all the experiences I had doing those meditations. It was a great experience and I thank you for all you have done. There was nothing I disliked. I got more out of this class than I thought. I will definitely recommend this class to others! We came all the way from Georgia to Colorado to see you!" Laura

    “Very satisfying. Fun, exciting, informative, useful, powerful, rich . . .”
    "Ellie holds and prepares the space of instruction with love, protection, grounding and intention. She speaks from experience and a clear mind. She taught with thorough instruction, practice, and stories. I intended to receive instruction in how to increase the joy in my life through inviting spirit into my life, and I received all of that and dirt beneath my feet! (grounded) - Very satisfying. Fun, exciting, informative, useful, powerful, rich - words I use to describe her workshop and person. This workshop can be taken by anyone at any level of spiritual development."

    The Emotional Unhooking Process is amazing! I BEEN HEALED!"
    (Eric was a workshop participant who began using the Emotional Unhooking Process. In his own words here are his results . . .)
    "I been heeeealed! Okay, give me your best deep-south-evangelical-church soundin' HallaLooya! Seriously, though, here is an update on my experiences since last weekend when I took your Conscious Manifesting workshop. First, the Emotional Unhooking Process. As I requested, my buttons are being shown to me very clearly (although I must admit I've known where many were, just not what to do about them). Some big money issues came up today, and my only thoughts were, "What can I do to fix this and make sure the problem doesn't arise again?" No emotional reactions! Just an echo, a memory, of what I usually feel when these challenges arise. Typically, there would have been some combination of fear, panic, anger, frustration, helplessness, humiliation, dread, or some other generally disempowering anxiety. I tried using the Emotional Unhooking Process with another issue and found that when I reevaluated the feelings after doing the Process, I found a closely related issue causing related feelings, which I then named and did the Process for, and then found the same thing again. Wondering if I was doing it right, I checked out the website. The "tutorials" section described exactly the experience I was having with the process and it answered other questions, so I know I'm on track. I'll let you know how it's going as I work on and evaluate my issues. Also, I realized from your page 2, first paragraph under "Psychological Reversal" that I had all those symptoms and they had been increasing. I had been perplexed as to why at age 35 I would be starting to have symptoms of dyslexia. Now it's gone! And I took action on things I had been procrastinating on for months. The "wall" was just not there anymore. This is really big for me. I mean, I put the "pro" in procrastination. I could write a book on it... someday. Just kidding." - Eric

    "Wow doesn't do this life-changing experience justice. I have been making itty-bitty steps in my Soul Development, but this retreat was ONE GIANT LEAP!"

    "The retreat has changed my life. Changed. My. LIFE!"

    "This is the best thing I've done for myself in 56 years!"

    "Life Changing!" "Joyous Dance!" "WOW!" "Astounding X 100!" "Energizing & Invigorating" "Empowering" "Sense of Awe" "Deep Reflections" "Soul Opening" "I look different. I sound different!" "I am stepping into my power" "Powerful"

    "This has been the most timely, appropriate, powerful, and promising personal development workshop I have EVER participated in. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who feels ready for it."

    "This is the most valuable workshop experience I've ever had!!! Bring Ellie back!"

    "PLEASE BRING ELLIE BACK!!! She makes complicated concepts very simple and concrete. Thank you Ellie!"

    "A+++ Perfect 100. Many wonderful pointers."

    "I was totally unprepared for this incredible experience! Ellie is Inspired and Inspiring!"

    "Exceptional. This was just right for me. Touched me in a deep place. Thank you, Ellie."

    From a Medical Student getting Continuing Education Credits: "I HIGHLY recommend this workshop. It was awesome and well worth the travel to Tucson, AZ. You will leave very happy and grateful. The price was very affordable. Great workshop for all medical students looking for a little stress release, to relieve fatigue, and to calm the mind and emotions while in school. Also great for massage therapists and acupressure students. I appreciated NCBTMB for listing this class. Ellie & Barbara are wonderful and well educated."

    "I felt like I was meant to be in the workshop. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The program was both practical and expansive, with tools to follow-up in my life. Very valuable. And I have the visuals to help me from receiving handouts."

    "It is always informative to hear from those "reluctant messengers." They have no agenda and give clear, heart-felt instruction to those who need and are not capable of "down-loading" the messages themselves. Thank you!"

    "This workshop was wonderful and should be several days longer! I will return next year for her workshop. Thank you."

    "Very connected presentation. She fills in the "gaps." Be sure she comes back - please! And thank you for having her here!"

    "Definitely have this speaker again. Very informative. Very natural in her presentation."

    "10 out of 10! I got concrete steps instead of just theory. Now I can take action to DO! E.E.

    "Ellie comes from an honest, powerful place. Experiencing her encourages me to come from an honest, powerful place, too" R.K.

    "Life Changing! Real Life! Inclusive! Practical! A Real Teacher!" T.K.V.

    "Life changing information! I'm free!" C.R.

    Thank you for helping me to step into my power and to be in my body! Colleen

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    partnering with spirit, homer's journey

    Read how people around the world have been touched by this two part true story of Ellie Drew's communication from Homer, who had passed into spirit and began communicating with her in 2003.

  • People's lives and spiritual journeys have been changed by reading these books

    "I am growing so much reading the info in them . . . "
    Ellie, I am LOVING your books!!! I am a little over half way through the second one now, and I have loaned out the first one to a friend. I'll have to get it back from her soon, because I've already decided to re-read them both. Through the info in them I am growing so much, and I'm sure I will glean so much more the second time through. The "Oh, now I get it!" - kind of thing. Thank you again for being you!" C.B. from Chattanooga, TN
    "Every paragraph had something I can use . . . ”
    "Every paragraph of Soul Journeys has something I can use for spiritual development and higher understanding. As I read the book I'm continually exclaiming, "YES, that's it!" to myself as the concepts come into alignment within me, and "Wow!" as new ones come in. What better mentors could we have than Homer and the Higher Ones?" M.W. from Tucson, AZ
    “The words themselves are encoded with energy!”

    “While reading Ellie’s book Partnering with Spirit: Homer’s Journey, I had the interesting sensation of what I would call an “empathic participation.” It was as though the words themselves are encoded with energy, enabling me to experience the events as she did. It was as though I was taking the journey along with her! As the book progressed, I had the distinct impression that my own guides were using this “tool” to get through to me. I have had fairly regular communication with my guides for many years, but this book opened up new pathways of communication for me. It made it easier, somehow.

    The completion of the book triggered a series of events, physically and spiritually, which has led to more open and clear interaction with my spirit guides. I feel that this is not just another book of guided information. For me, this book became a tool, a catalyst, to opening new avenues and to expanding my awareness.

    Thank you, Ellie, for being willing to share this information and your experiences so freely.”
    In Gratitude, Melissa Disbury, Portland, Oregon
    “. . . I enjoyed it even more the second time around!”
    "I wanted to thank you again for Partnering with Spirit: Homer’s Journey. I have reread it and enjoyed it even more the second time around. Seems I have grown to accept some things since reading it initially - er, last month. Yikes that seems a long time ago. I have noted several, ok - many - passages in the book that really resonated with me. My friend also read it (she suggested Nine Gates to me) and quit her job after finishing it (the next day she gave notice!!) in order to focus on sharing her healing and spirit abilities full time. The book really resonated with her; she has thanked me so many times that I thought for a second that she sent me off to Mystery School to receive this book to read it herself. Please pass on our deepest appreciation and enthusiasm to Ellie. I have also been doing the Rainbow Sun Qigong. On the days I do it, I feel energized and motivated. On the days I skip, because "I have no time", I tend to overeat (a compulsive problem I am currently working on), tend to take a nap if possible, and otherwise just feel less "me." Thank you so much for bringing both of these into my life. I am glad I have gotten to see what Ellie looks like, she is darling and so much what I anticipated, which is rare for me. I am always way off about my physical perceptions of people. More later. A big hug and THANK YOU to you. Love T.A." from Hawaii
    “. . . so much resonated with me!”
    I wanted to tell you I finished Ellie's book and am going through it the second time because so much resonated with me. It was an incredible book. I loved her honesty, humor and allowing herself to be a channel. I could identify with her hesitancy. Often as I am growing as a healer and notice "new" surges, abilities etc. and I go into fear but then more quickly move into acceptance. After finishing the book I felt more motivated to send my book to publishers and pursue it . . . I have a quote over my desk that says, "Write! In writing you'll right so many wrongs. Heal so much woundedness . . . yours and the world's," by Aq'naton Ben-Isha. I think Ellie's book does that. It is a wake up call to all the Lightworkers. I am very grateful you gave it to me. I'm not sure by whom or why but after reading her book I am trying to be more open and receptive to receive my own guided writings." T.H.
    “I could go on and on! Thank you for sharing this book with us!”
    "Greetings my dear! I saw T.A. last weekend and she leant me the Partnering with Spirit book by Ellie Drew!! I can not tell you how grateful I am to have read that book and will be ordering more and sharing with others . . . so much of what she said resonated me!! It explains why I have recently been drawn to take the Tarot classes (I've taken a beginner and advanced classes so far) and why I have been drawn to take astrology classes (I've yet to find a place to take some quality classes) . . . It also explains why I had heard the whispering during silence at Nine Gates in Santa Barbara, and it also explains why I have been periodically hearing music when there wasn't any playing over the last 1-1/2 years! It also confirms what I already knew . . . although I've become pretty proficient with my Inner Listening Skills I know I need to discipline myself (one of the 5 skills for developing inner listening) with the insights and gifts I experience and begin doing some additional opening's for insights at the computer and write these insights down. I also loved how to guide a person to their purpose is simply what they are inspired and feel natural doing! I could go on and on! Thank you for sharing this book with us and please pass on to Ellie how much I enjoyed this book . . . Love, abundant grace, and blessings, Mary"
    A mother makes contact with her deceased son and finds peace after 9 years!
    "I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks before Christmas and she started to cry as she told me how her teenage son had been murdered nine years ago. I held her hand and took her to the tunnel. (Blue Light Tunnel Meditation from Partnering with Spirit: Homer's Journey book) Her son was at the other entrance. They hugged, and she and I returned to our entrance. A few days later she told me this story: 'That night I couldn't sleep, so I decided to go to the tunnel. My son was waiting for me just inside our end. We sat together and I did not want to leave or go to sleep. Hours later, I decided I needed to sleep in my own bed, but there was a light on in another bedroom of the house. I got up to turn it off and it immediately turned on again. I turned it off again, and for a second time it turned on again. This happened 4 times!” Ellie, my friend was so excited that she was and is able to communicate with her son, and when she told me this story she was very happy. Thank you. Sincerely, Phyllis Porcar”
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    praise for rainbow sun qigong

    people of all ages have benefited from this simple and powerful practice

  • People of all ages have been reported great results from doing Qigong

    “I can move again without pain! Thank you for Rainbow Sun Qigong”says Dick Tippett
    Dear Ellie, I took your course on Qigong in Santa Cruz, July 2008. I started doing the exercises seriously in October of that year. I had badly torn my rotator cuff in my right shoulder three years before. Couldn’t lift anything above my head. When I went to throw a ball I would have no idea where the ball was going to go. I had no real control over the shoulder movement. I knew that I didn’t want surgery. Conventional therapies like cold lasers and massage and exercise had pretty much done as much as they could.

    I’ve now done your Rainbow Sun Qi Gong for a year. On average, I do the work five times a week. Depends on my schedule, also on whether I need some extra energy for an intense or a late-night project. I can work again above my head, with tools. I can load things on racks above my head without fear of pain or dropping whatever it was I was putting up there. I can throw a golf ball to a friend, or a baseball to my nephew or a toy to my dogs and be reasonably certain that they will get to where I’m aiming at.

    It is wonderful to be able to do these things again. Without pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Regards, Dick Tippett
    Pain free! I’m pain free! Story relayed to Ellie Drew
    Ellie relays this story, “I was attending a large workshop in Tucson, Arizona, when out of the blue, an older woman ran at me and gave me the biggest hug. I’m not used to getting hugs by enthusiastic strangers. This woman had heard a presentation I’d given and purchased the Qigong for Seniors. She said, ‘Ellie I want to thank you so much for Rainbow Sun Qigong! It has changed my life. I had been in pain for over 30 years but after doing the Rainbow Sun Qigong I’m 90% pain free! I’ll skip my shower before I’ll skip my Qigong! Thank you!” (Ellie Drew is co-producer of the Rainbow Sun Qigong DVDs)
    Qigong for KIDS: A Success Story from Kim Kersbergen

    I would like to share some stories and successes with teaching middle school kids the Qigong for KIDS form I learned at an all day workshop at the 2004 National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association’s Conference. I have told other teachers and several people around here (Sioux Falls, SD) about it and would now like to share these stories to get the word out about working with kids. My latest adventure was with middle school girls who were participating in an after-school program through the YMCA.

    I decided that it would be interesting for me (and them!) if they would briefly journal their feelings before and after our Qigong sessions. I observed that all the girls seemed rather scattered as they wrote before our sessions. They seemed to struggle to find words or even to focus on what they were doing. After our sessions, they got right to work and seemed enthusiastic about documenting their feelings. Here are some of their comments: Before qigong: "crabby, hyper, sleepy, "grrrr", jumpy, talkative, sad, scared, nervous, excited, headachy." After qigong: "happy, joyful, calm, energized, relaxed, excited, loving, soothed."

    Sometimes they drew pictures. One of my favorites was drawn after a qigong session. It was a picture of a girl standing by a cozy-looking fire. The caption read, "I feel WARM!!" Another girl interpreted her feelings before class by drawing a mass of squiggly lines bunched up in a really bumpy circle and put the words "nervous" and "scared" around the outside of the circle. After Qigong her circle was contiguous, smooth and devoid of any lines at all. Her words were "calmed," "relaxed," "happy," "soothed." Another girl, after our session drew a freeform shape and filled it with spirals. Then down the side of the page she wrote: "I feel happy! I feel relaxed! I feel ready! I feel excited! I feel complete! I feel soothed! I feel encouraged! I feel energy! I feel silly! I feel comfort! I feel cuddly! I feel happy!"

    After about three sessions all the girls commented that they could really feel the energy as we did the Gathering the Qi movements. They liked the warmth and tingling they experienced. One girl shared with me that she used some of the slow breathing to help her relax before a test that she was nervous about. That was when I knew that I had given these girls the beginnings of some skills that they can use all their lives. Yeah!! I was so rewarded by all the thanks that I got from these girls. I really like teaching the Qigong for KIDS I learned at the conference because it's such a simple, fun and powerful form. Everyone that I've shown the form to picks up on the movements very easily. I plan to bring Qigong to more kids programs in the area. Thanks, Institute for Conscious Change and NQA!
    Product Review from Australia! Rainbow Sun Qigong DVD by Pauline Roberts

    Searching for something that disciplines the mind whilst unblocking and healing one's body and spirit? Well in Rainbow Sun Qigong from Ellie Drew [www.ConsciousChange.org], I've finally found it. Let's face it, I'm not a great exercise type (about the only thing in the Blood Type Diet I found to agree with!) but even I can do these exercises and feel them making a difference to my body, and definitely, finally, yes FINALLY helping to quieten the chatter in my mind. Oh the challenge of putting one's attention fully on one's hands and in this video, Ellie politely and firmly encourages you to focus your full attention.

    Qigong is the basis of many martial arts techniques, but in this form, by gathering and using Qi (energy) we aim to help ourselves heal and become whole by clearing and integrating every facet of our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves.


    The exercises start with a simple warm up routine that gets the blood, lymph and Qi circulating in the body including gentle "bouncing to remove 10,000 sicknesses" as the Chinese call it, probably my favorite exercise, and one that can be done anywhere with great benefit, no fancy equipment needed here (!), just yourself. Then, after slow, deliberate, vertical stretching and twisting, it's time to 'gather the Qi' together so that it can be consciously utilized. All the movements are graceful and executed with great purpose, and it seems to me the greater the amount of attention you can hold on what you are doing - stilling the chattering mind - the more Qi you can generate for yourself. So there's a challenge in this part and like ice skating which also looks so simple and graceful, there's more to this than meets the eye!

    Once the Qi is gathered, it can be put to work clearing mental, emotional and physical bodies; filling the three energy centers and helping to dissolve pain and sickness. Once that is completed, the energy meridians of the hands, face, scalp and ears are activated followed by a sealing in of the energy so that it can continue to suffuse us throughout our wonder-filled day. All this in 20 minutes - and if that seems too long, then you definitely need to do it!

    On the video, Ellie does the Qigong exercises with her Mother in her 70s and Grandmother in her 90s, so there really is no excuse for me or anyone else who gets drawn to this ancient practice not to do it regularly. This disciplined activity never fails to leave me with a big smile, calm mind and a sparkly feeling inside, a great way to start any day!