• The Extraordinary True Story

    I am Love. The Universal Teaching channeled

    from a timeless Spiritual Partnership Ellie Drew Shares this touching experience and how

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    The Extraordinary True Story of the “I AM LOVE” Poem

    A Channeled Universal Teaching for Humanity.


    The I AM LOVE Poem came through me (Ellie Drew) during a night of meditation when Judy Lin (Mindrol) was in home hospice. I was staying at Wayne and Judy’s home to assist Mindrol in her transition with healing work and prayers. This was about two weeks before her passing. Wayne and I both had the feeling for me to record the poem and so I did. Wayne played it for two full days, and then interspersed it with other sacred music and prayers. It brought Mindrol a deep peace before she died. But there is more.

    Before Mindrol passed, she insisted to Wayne that the moment she took her last breath he was to call . . . and now we thought she would say her master teacher in India . . . but she said to call me. Wayne said that she insisted several times, “The moment I take my last breath, call Ellie.” It was an instinctive, inner knowing that had her making this request, that neither of us would understand until after her passing.

    On the morning of February 17th, Sunday, I received a call at about 5:00 a.m. Pacific. I knew it was Wayne. Wayne said, “Ellie, Mindrol took her last breath a few moments ago.” All I said was, “Okay, got it. I’m going in. Bye.” I immediately went into meditation. I was “in” for nearly one hour. Mindrol was waiting for me, and for the next hour I assisted her to travel what I call the Shadow Lands. When I came out, I was able to record my experience. That 20 minute recording can be found at this link.

    What I found out during our time immediately after her physical death, was that in another life, Judy and I had made a promise to each other to never let the other forget who we really are. I saw us making a pact with each other, and then we put our foreheads together. In this other life, we had created this poem. It was Mindrol’s Higher Self that channeled the I AM LOVE poem to me two weeks before she died.

    Later in the vision I had with her, Mindrol gave instructions of what she wanted people to know from her own experience of making the transition from life on the earth plane, to life in the next plane of existence. She was insistent that you DESTROY all your attachments. That attachments would hold you back from full awakening when you left the physical realm. Mindrol then insisted that the ONLY thing to put on the altar was the I AM LOVE poem as a reminder of who you really are; to say it everyday. Also, a candle as a reminder that you are not your physical body. That when the flame dies – your physical body dies – your Spirit goes on. Last was flowers or plants from nature. Mindrol gave me a vision of exactly how she wanted the poem to look – a radiant blue with gold lettering, and a gold frame. She encouraged people to gift this poem to others when a loved one died, and to read it at memorial services.

    I think it was about two days after her physical death that I was finishing up supper when my teeth started chattering – my body’s indication that a Spirit had arrived close to me. My body also started vibrating inside as if I’d had about ten cups of coffee. This had not happened so intensely before. When I finished cleaning up the kitchen, I sat down and focused inward. As soon as I did, Mindrol was right there in my living room, two inches from my face, very forcibly grabbing my shoulders. I had to push her back, with a startled “Whoa! I see you!” She said, “ELLIE! I want you to go to Asia. I want you to travel and teach this to all my students! It’s VERY important!” I said, “Mindrol, I hear you, but you need to tell Wayne. He’s going to have to get that figured out and finance it, if you want this to happen. You have to talk to Wayne.” Then she said, “I also want the poem translated into all the world’s languages! It transcends all the world’s religions. It will bring much healing throughout the world. It is Universal! It is a Gift for Humanity.” Mindrol’s forceful intensity was clearly fueled by her desire to see this poem go out. She was seeing the healing ripples that would unfold as a result of this poem. I told her that I would let Wayne know, that he would likely know what to do.

    What I didn’t know was that a few days before Mindrol died, she translated the I AM LOVE poem into Chinese. She could hardly sit up or talk, but she was determined to get the poem translated. At Mindrol’s Memorial Celebration, Wayne had 200 photos of the poem with the blue background, gold lettering, and a gold frame in English, and 100 in Chinese. I read it in English, and Wayne read it in Chinese. Wayne told of Mindrol’s desire to see it translated into all the world’s languages. Within 26 hours we had it Hebrew. An hour later in Indonesian. A day later in several other languages – too fast for me to format and get online. I’m still adding more when I have time. As of this writing – 11 days after making the announcement about wanting it translated, we already have 16 translations! Gratitude to all!

    But there is more. I’ll write when I have time . . . of my trance experience with a VISION OF SWAMIJI while I was in the shower the weekend of Mindrol’s Memorial Celebration – Mindrol’s Indian Guru. He informed me very powerfully that I WOULD go to Asia to teach! I very powerfully pushed back and informed him I wanted first class airline tickets so I wasn’t exhausted when I got there! To which he laughed and laughed and laughed a big belly laugh for nearly a full minute. More when I have time.

    Many Blessings as YOU share the I AM LOVE poem. Ellie Drew


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