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    Is what Ellie positively calls, "Pushing Power" using Conscious Manifesting

    suitable for people of all ages, faiths and spiritual backgrounds?

    Absolutely, yes. Conscious Manifesting actually explains the power of prayer, and how prayer and ceremony work across the various expressions of any faith tradition. It explains intention, desire, wanting, and belief, for why your prayers work sometimes, but not other times. Knowing this information will make you a better prayer partner in your personal faith!

    I am a beginner on the spiritual path learning manifesting. Where should I start with Ellie’s work?

    Start with the Conscious Manifesting Videos. Also, begin doing the Rainbow Sun Qigong (Chi Gong) on the Ellie Drew Teachings available free on this site and on Ellie Drew's YouTube Channel. Qigong (Chi Gong) helps you learn how to work with the energies all around us.

    Does Ellie Drew provide one-to-one personal consultations?

    Yes, in 2022 I will do readings again after 4 years of intense telepathic and clairvoyant research and recovery. Ellie is particularly guided to assist leaders who can share the information with their groups.

    How can learning to be Empowered and in my Personal Power to consciously create improve my life and the world?

    Here is what Ellie was told in 1995 when she refused to share the Conscious Manifesting information. It helped her, and so it might help you. This information came as a whoosh of a white energy ball about 18” in diameter hitting Ellie in the chest when she was driving after she was vehemently refusing, once again, to share the information. "People use the process of manifesting everyday of their lives in unconscious ways. It is time NOW, for the Healers/Awakened Ones, to begin manifesting consciously, to heal themselves, the earth, and each other. Go teach this.” 1995


    People are already using manifesting powers, but it is being used against us by having us focus on what is NOT working in the world, instead of what IS working. When we energize injustices complaining about any said injustice - then we add more power to the injustice fueling it to continue. However, when you learn to Consciously Manifest - you learn how to use the emotional power of injustice (anger, frustration, etc) to fuel Conscious Manifesting statements (personally tested by Ellie over many years) to empower what we desire as a human community. It only takes 8,000 consciously passionate people to change the consciousness of this planet. We are here to reset the earth grid to the One Universal Law - A Will to Good.


    Wherever we see injustice, with the information of Conscious Manifesting and our personal and collective Power using the Geometric Formula for Transformation - we can now respond collectively to shift the underlying energy grid of the planet, so justice rules, and injustice melts away. Ellie has seen it happen. This is not a fantasy. It is the Power of our collective Will to Good - put to work where we see our world transform in front of our eyes.


    This knowledge helps with your personal health, wealth, and relationships, certainly. But there is more to do now as the result of consciousness shifting on the planet. There is injustice in the world some of us feel called to change - by using this spiritual technology, we are our own change agents. We become the Architects of Reality. This work in not for everyone. For some of you, Conscious Manifesting will be used to improve your health, wealth, and relationships. For others of you, it will help you personally, but you are also ready to work for the collective good. For now, that’s the positive 8,000 people Ellie is here to help wake up.

    Will Ellie Drew be providing online ways to interact and learn with her?

    Yes. This is a primary way Ellie will teach due to the expense of travel for so many people who want the information, but can’t afford the time or expense to get to the US. She will set up a variety of online classes. There will also be in-person retreats and classes as Ellie begins teaching in the USA again, after quietly teaching in Asia for the past 5 years. European groups are currently being discussed as time permits. Sign up on this website for Ellie Drew's newsletter to receive notification as soon as new classes and courses become available.

    Why is Ellie Drew called a Teacher of Teachers? How do her unique perceptive abilities help spiritual teachers and healers become their best selves?

    Ellie doesn’t share what she has learned from others, she only teaches what she has learned from within, from her own guides and teachers, tested and retested for validity and practical helpfulness. Ellie doesn’t share what she thinks she knows at any human level. Ellie shares only what she KNOWS, guided from an information gate within her. This information gateway has been well honed over her lifetime, allowing her to laser focus her attention within this gateway toward any intention, situation, topic, person’s name, etc and get information.


    Because of Ellie’s multiple and unique perceptive and psychic abilities, Ellie is able to pinpoint exactly where a person needs to shift in order for them to move more quickly up their own personal spiritual evolution. It can save years of studying something that might or might not work, when there might be an easier way. Ellie is all about simplicity to get to an endpoint. What is the end point she is interested in? Only one thing - you being your Most Authentic Self, unlocking the wisdom you came to share with the world community, but expressed in your local community. Our world can heal only as people begin to unlock their true selves, with the gifts and wisdom those aspects brought into this incarnation.


    Ellie’s Sun Temple Shamans might show up, or a host of other guides and teachers or aspects of herself. Your own guides and aspects show up to give her information about your energy body complex. Working with Ellie is always just right for the situation - but be warned: You may not get what you want, but you will get what you need. Ellie doesn’t not limit her conscious connections where there is a need to help you be you.


    Ellie is not an easy teacher. If you go to her, she will tell you only the information she gets, but your ego aspects may not like it. Ellie sees you. All of you. There is no hiding from yourself. Many conference evaluations come back saying appreciatively, “This woman should come with a warning label!” She doesn’t only educate you about your potential, she helps you discover how to express your potential.

    I already have a lot of spiritual knowledge and experience. What’s the best way for me to get my skills and personal power of manifestation evaluated and optimized by Ellie?

    Join one of the online groups for personal evaluation of your energetic system and ability to manifest. Sign up for the newsletter on this site to receive information about upcoming programs. Also, join in one of Ellie Drew’s Lotus Flower Retreats or Sun Temple Shaman Retreats.


    Ellie is especially seeking people who have meditated and know how to manage their mind and their emotions. You must be the ruler of the mind and emotions or they will rule you, sometimes wasting an entire lifetime of emotional drama. If you have too much spiritual knowledge, you might run into belief systems you didn’t know you had. Sometimes knowing nothing is helpful, because you don’t have to unlearn things. But for pushing power, it’s helpful to have some positive spiritual background and personal practices.


    If you have Qigong (Chi Gong) or martial arts training, it’s helpful. Military people with great mental disciple and a Will to Good are wonderful additions because they have seen injustice up close and personal, and have lost friends right in front of their eyes, but still stand tall to continue a good life. You can use all that anger and frustration to reformat the earth grid with your resolve and passion to make a difference in the lives of those in war zones. You can be the healing influence in these locations even from afar. Recovered addicts are powerful, because they know what it takes to pull themselves back from the edge, and the personal disciple it takes to stay on a positive life track. You too have seen injustices for women, and people of color, and those who are different due to sexual orientation.


    No matter your knowledge or experience base, Ellie can help you positively "push power" more consciously and effectively.

    In her videos, Ellie speaks about her “telepathic communicators,” and “The Teachers” guiding her. Who are they, and why were they keeping Ellie hidden from teaching more globally until now?

    Ellie has only recently found out more about her telepathic communicators. For her entire life, she always called them, “Hey You Guys.” In the fall of 2015, for the first time in a channeling session a group called themselves, “The Teachers.” Other communicators call themselves, “The Architects of Reality.” In the spring of 2017, Ellie unexpectedly found herself on a UFO Researcher's website that had a questionnaire for UFO contactees. Ellie always had the assumption that UFO contactees were people who got “beamed up for medical exams”, and beamed back into their bedrooms. It never occurred to Ellie that her lifetime of telepathic communicators, whom she considered friends, family, teachers, angels, spirits, higher dimensional beings, etc, were higher intelligent Beings physically alive and playing in our galactic playground. She has never, to her knowledge, been “beamed up” anywhere. They simply communicate telepathically with her on a regular basis. When Ellie answered the contactee questionnaire at 95% highest positive for contact, it was a real mind bender for her to process for about three months.


    With that said, Ellie questions everything. Then she researches the information for practical helpfulness. If she finds it helpful and truthful, she shares that information in her teachings. It is important to realize that mainstream scientific researchers have tested the information that Ellie shares and have found her information to be reliable, practical and accurate.


    Why was Ellie being kept hidden until now? That’s simple. It wasn’t time. There had to be a certain shift in consciousness on the planet in order to release her to teach, in order for her teachings to be effective around the world. This is a global movement, so the internet had to be in place so the information could spread quickly, AND where the information could not be managed, distorted, changed, twisted, or misinterpreted to lose it’s power. Ellie was specifically told that the GaiaTV program Cosmic Disclosures was instrumental in the shift of consciousness. Ellie was told by her communicators that there was an opportunity so shift humanity forward in its evolution 10,000 years as the result of that program and all the whistleblowers that have gone before. That we were at the beginning of the Golden Age. When Ellie channeled that, it was channeled to her in such a way that she knew without any doubt, it was time for her to come out of the proverbial closet to do her part and share what she knows about the collective co-creative power of the Geometric Formula for Transformation. Why now? Because. It. Is. Time. Everything is ready for this. Everything is set up in place for all of us to do our positive part.

    What are Ellie Drew’s personal goals for sharing this work?

    Ellie’s personal goal is to empower 8,000 conscious, positive spiritual people so together we shift the consciousness of the planet from being defensive, reactive, powerless victims of circumstance, into beings on the proactive team - powerful co-creators of our reality where WE ARE THE GAME - where we are the Architects of Reality. Ellie is looking to empower and work with 8,000 Guardians of Justice, not through war (W.A.R. = We Are Responsible), but through the power of our collective Will to Good. By using the spiritual technology of real power - the power to good, we can neuter injustices at the underlying energetic level of creation, so better flow and justice can show up in the external experience of creation.


    You cannot change the world externally. That’s like being in an already dry painting trying to change the theme when the paint is already bone dry. You have to change the painting from the viewpoint of the artist, so the artist can see your/our vision to create the next painting in our collective view - infused with the One Universal Law or the First Principle - A Will to Good. Infused with the Second Principle - Action - what some call Love. Infused with the Third Principle - Joy. Infused with the Fourth Principle - Wonder or innocence or curiosity. Infused with the Fifth Principle - what translates as Breath. Infused with the Sixth Principle - Gratitude.


    When the earth grid is reinvigorated with the creative Principles, war is nonexistent. Competition is nonexistent. Contracts of greed are nonexistent - because our agreement will always be that every contract must be win/win/win/win. Win for (as an example) the seller/buyer/earth/employees. If the contract violates any of these, then the contract is not acceptable to our world community, because the contract violates the earth, the employee, the buyer, or the seller. Justice is a collective agreement. Injustice is a collective agreement. Ellie is saying she is not making an agreement to injustice on this planet any longer and asks for you to join her in her vision as a Guardian of Justice. But that means you cannot have injustice in your own life, that must be cleaned up first. You cannot have ideals any longer that are not embodied in your personal life, because as you embody the Principles, you and your life must change. It’s time to walk the talk into being your Most Authentic Self - unlocking YOU.


    If you already embody the higher ideals and Principles in your life - you are who I am looking for at this time.

    What will I learn if I take a retreat with Ellie Drew in the US or internationally?

    How long do they last?

    Length varies depending on the venue. What will you learn specifically? Power. Positive use of Personal power, and how to use it responsibly within the context of the 6 Principles (see what they are in an above question.) Your life purpose. How to be Your Most Authentic Self. The Conscious Manifesting Process and the Geometric Formula for Transformation. And then to take this information back to your friends, family, and groups to implement.


    These events always have a description, but the details of what you experience in these events will change depending on the participants. These events are both guided and planned, with room for the spirits / telepathic communicators / your guides / The Teachers / The Sun Temple Shamans / The Architects of Reality / etc / to show up and play with us - what you might call spontaneous channeling moments with new teachings coming through specific to the group. These events are demanding. They are magical. They are life changing. They are exhilarating. They are death to the ego. They are change for the better. You don’t sit around in Ellie’s events. You participate until your deepest core essential self emerges through any fog in your own mind into the radiance of it’s truest expression. Ellie can only guide you. You must step into who you already are. Life gets better. She just helps you to remember who that is. Are you ready to been seen?


    Currently Ellie is writing a book called, "Frequency Reader: Consciousness Keys to Telepathic Communication & Manifesting." and postponing any in-person retreats except for China for 2018.