• Ellie Drew's Sacred Call to Your Soul

    Your Light is Essential at this time.

    Are you ready to be one of the 8,000 people consciously living on

    Powerful, Positive Purpose here on Earth?

    I am looking for 8,000 determined, positive and purposeful people to stand shoulder to shoulder to manifest the world we passionately desire. Justice. Integrity. Purity. Harmony. Truth. A Will to Good - the First Principle. Win/win/win/win for all. When we press The Field with our positive will (as collective thought forms) we change the reality around us to the better for nature and all humanity.

    The biggest Intention Field Wins! is a manifesting principle we will put to use for The People & The Earth using the Geometric Formula for Transformation.


    Be part of the biggest global manifestation event of the century. We will join heart to heart with 8,000 people around the world to create a heart web to pulse positive energy for a harmonious future for us all.


  • become part of heart web manifesting a new reality on earth

    Learn to Create a Will to Good on Earth that is always Win, Win, Win.

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