• remember 1 Teachings

    Ellie's Advanced New Teaching Series to help you wake up

    to the power of who you really are.


    A powerful free gift to humanity for You.

  • introduction

    This is your step by step guide to enlightenment and

    remembering how powerful we collectively are.


    All the information in this series has been channeled and extensively researched and tested with Ellie Drew's students at workshops around the world. Best to watch these videos in order as they build on each pervious video.

    Lesson 1

    The Heart Garden Meditation / Visualization Exercise

    Lesson 2

    The 5 Songs of Creation: Love, Joy, Wonder, Inspiration, Gratitude.

    Lesson 3

    The Testings (Initiations)

    Lesson 4

    The Breathing Exercise 8 x 8 x 8

    Lesson 5

    2 Minute Centering & Grounding Meditation

    Lesson 6

    2 Minute Tree Meditation

    Lesson 7

    What is Your Life Purpose?

    Lesson 8

    Story of the I AM LOVE Poem