• Ellie Drew

    Master Teacher & Clairvoyant Researcher into the Nature of Reality and Manifestation.

  • The Mission is on for Spiritual Elders to teach the next generation of Technology Shamans! WE are Telepaths and empaths sent here now!

    Ellie feels an urgency for Spiritual Leaders and Shaman Elders to use our collective SHAMANIC THOUGHT-POWER for the Global Awakening Process we are all experiencing. New telepathic communicators showed up in 2017 through 2019 giving us three years of data! That information is coming soon! Collectively, we are getting trained to level-up as Technology Shamans and Telepathic Communication's Specialists. More to come! In the mean time, get caught up in the Essential Core Teachings section!

  • Ellie Drew, Clairvoyant Researcher, has perfected a true Science of Manifesting:

    For more than 40 years Ellie researched, tested, and implemented

    what she calls "The Manifestation Process" given to her in an inspired download in 1978. This was at the age of only 18, during a nine month personal retreat. That's when Ellie had an 'Awakening Of Consciousness’ experience - she knew, without doubt, we are co-creating this reality. It was years later, in 1995, reluctant to share this important information she was hit in the chest with an 18" ball of light with the following imbedded message:


    "People use the process of manifesting everyday of their lives in unconscious ways. It is time NOW, for the Healers/Awakened Ones, to begin manifesting consciously to heal themselves, the earth, and each other. Go teach this.” 1995


    Throughout her life Ellie continued to receive inspirited information that has guided us for many years. But as of 2017, everything changed again. New communicators came in with strong insight for Humanity.

  • The Architecture of Reality

    The Source Code of Creation: Go to Essential Core Teachings!

    Ellie Drew's telepathic communication has brought forth ancient

    and modern knowledge for humanity.

    Find out more

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  • Discover the Incredible World of Ellie Drew and

    Her "Telepathic Communications specialist" Research

    The Ancient Shamanic community of plant medicine researchers, healers, and philosophers are here in a continuous evolution of humanity called The Dawn of a New Age. This Dawning Activation shows us how our consciousness interacts within various dimensional realities and the beings who communicate to us telepathically when we are in a proper Trance Listening State.


    As a telepathic communications specialist, clairvoyant, and clairaudient consciousness researcher, Ellie has taken the myths and misconceptions out of spiritual teachings and healings, giving you a clear path to telepathic communication in the field.


    As you integrate Ellie's research and teachings (through her Private Psychic Readings, free teachings on the 'Ellie Drew Teachings' YouTube channel, and Zoom Teaching Events), you will learn how to confidently and effectively embody the highest frequencies of spiritual light for our collective good.


    After you have met Ellie Drew, your life and reality will never be the same again.

    It's time for humanity to ascend into our spiritual birthright and claim our Manifesting Power.

  • Fasten your seatbelts this is Your fast track journey of empowerment and manifestation

    Welcome to The New Reality

  • Ellie Drew's Essential Teachings

    New to Ellie's work? Start here, now with these free workshops.

    Get Started with Some of the Core Teachings for Humanity.

    Your Ancient Code

    Workshop Part 1 -

    Watch for free now

    This is a core teaching from

    Ellie Drew on how to liberate yourself at a soul level from all that has held you back.

    Your Ancient Code

    Workshop Part 2

    Watch for free now

    Discover the simple but immensely vital and powerful way to unhook yourself from trauma and drama.

    Critical Information for Entering the

    Dawn of the Golden Age

    Effects of the Solar Initiation which started June 18, 2017

    In the 2017 Summer Solstice Ceremony, Ellie received an inspired and urgent directive from her Spirit Communicators to share these teachings with humanity.

  • Praise & Endorsements for Ellie Drew's Work

    Scientists, Sound and Lightworkers all over the world are benefiting from working with Ellie.

    I have been healed

    The Emotional Unhooking Process is amazing! "I BEEN HEALED! I been heeeealed! Okay, give me your best deep-south-evangelical-church soundin' HallaLooya! Seriously, though, here is an update on my experiences since last weekend when I took your Conscious Manifesting workshop. . .

    Board Directors Use it!

    "I'll start by putting out some thoughts on the Conscious Manifesting Process. After working successfully with visualizations for many years, I came across Ellie Drew's thoughts on the subject and tried her version of it. I found that she included some aspects that I, and I suspect others, may have been leaving out. I also found that her version worked VERY well.

    Medical Student getting Continuting Ed Credits

    "I HIGHLY recommend this workshop. It was awesome and well worth the travel. You will leave very happy and grateful.

    Lotus Flower Retreat comments:

    "Life Changing!" "Powerful" "Joyous Dance!" "WOW!" "Astounding X 100!" "Energizing & Invigorating" "Empowering" "Sense of Awe" "Deep Reflections" "Soul Opening" "I look different. I sound different!" "I am stepping into my power"

  • "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision merely passes the time. But vision with action can change the world!" ~ Joel Arthur Barker

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