• This is Where you Start.

    Introduction to the Architechture of Reality, 

    & Way of the Lotus Flower Teachings

    Discover the incredible story of how to liberate yourself from

    everything that has created limitation in your life and relationships.


    Ellie has provided the teachings FROM IN THESE VIDEOS as a free gift to humanity

    Your Ancient Code: Part 1

    Release & Unhook

    In this first part Ellie share the dramatic true life story of a working with a man with a mysterious illness that led to an extraordinary discovery about the soul's journey.

    Your Ancient Code: Part 2

    Clear Vows & Promises. Manifest Consciously

    In this riveting continuation of the story Ellie clears up major spiritual misconceptions and sets the record straight on how to manifest consciously with your power to create.

    Story of "I AM LOVE" Poem

    Touching True Life Story of the Soul's True Nature

    Ellie shares the profoundly moving story of her spiritual partnership with a dying friend that helped them both learn the real truth of our nature and what eternal life really is.

  • Ellie Drew Has Researched and Verified the True Science of Manifesting & Telepathy!

    Learn How to Align And Consciously Manifest our collective New World.These are the 3 phases of her work that will take you in a place of incredible peace and power.


    Way of the Lotus Flower

    Learn how to liberate your soul from lifetimes of karmic entangments, unhook from relationship patterns and release old soul contracts.


    Conscious Manifesting

    Ellie Drew has perfected the art and science of conscious manifesting so you co-create miracles of health, wealth, relationships and success.


    Remember 1 Teachings

    These powerful but simple sacred teachings are your step-by-step guide to connect to the power inside your consciousness.

    Sections are Free under "Essential Core Teachings!"

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    This is your step 1. Download Ellie Drew's Powerful Free Emotional Unhooking Process from the Way of the Lotus Flower Teachings

    Clear Your Soul Field of Lifetimes of Painful Repeating Patterns

    Remove the hidden hooks that keep you tied to people and places.

    Reclaim your freedom and sovereignty now.


    Developed by Ellie Drew:

    Rainbow Sun QiGong:

    All three Youtube links below!

    1- introduction / 2-form / 3-instruction

  • Ignite Your Full Potential

    with Rainbow Sun Qigong

    Rainbow Sun Qigong (Chi-gong) was developed to help people of all ages

    build their physical and energetic power in the world. Ellie Drew, M.S. is a 1999 Founder and long time board member of the National Qigong Association (USA).


    Part 1

    This is a short introduction to Qigong from a trip Ellie and a team of professional Qigong Teachers and Healers took in 1999 to China, studying with Medical Qigong Instructors in three hospitals in Beijing. It was life changing!

    Form or Practice

    Part 2

    This is the full 23 minute Rainbow Sun Qigong Form or Practice you can do daily for enhanced health benefits, as well as consciousness development for telepathic awareness.

    Here Ellie practices this with three generations of her family: Grandmother, Mother, Daughter.

    Detailed Instructions

    Part 3

    This educational portion goes step-by-step explaining the organs each move of the Rainbow Sun Qigong Form affects, and details of the movements to do them correctly or how to modify a move, for those of you who want extra detailed training.

  • “A new level of spiritual understanding will emerge only when you are ready to give up everything you think you know.” ~ Homer