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Ellie's global Telesummit debut Sept 14th

I believe that when we return to our natural state of wellbeing and claim our birthright of great health, relationships and good finances we make the world a better place.


Divine Timing has been involved in deciding when I can be released to speak about these powerful teachings. It has been an incredibly busy time. But I have been guided to finally reach more than 50,000 people around the the world with Powerful teaching and transmissions that I want to share with you.


And that’s why I’m writing to you today. I would like you to join me in learning the principles of conscious manifestation for yourself and the world by supporting my upcoming healing interview in Season 15 of an amazing global telesummit where I will be featured with other transformational leaders.


I want you to have access to The tools that will help you manifest your heart’s desires, and experience the joy and success you deserve when you life and create in alignment with your power and life’s purpose.


The great news is you can change your life to recognize who you really are so you can become the Divine Self you were meant to be.


You may have heard me talk about my friend, Eram Saeed in the past with my first appearance on the show. She is the founder of the popular, global telesummit, From Heartache to Joy. She’s had numerous world-renowned experts, healers and leaders help thousands of listeners create more abundance, freedom and joy.


And here’s the exciting news...we had to change the dates of my appearance to support everything that has been happening with my work. But is finally time for me to take this work public.


I’ll will be finally be joining Eram for her fifteenth series of live calls to speak about

Consciously Manifest Your Life Purpose

Game On! Get on Divine Assignment & Learn to Effectively Create Miracles Now.


Please don’t miss out on my appearance this is going to be profound teaching transmission - join us here for this brand newfree series: Click here to sign up to receive your 5 gifts from Eram and notification when I am on.


Regardless of where you are on your life journey, this series is your unprecedented chance to transform your experience and manifest your greatest desires.


So do please click and sign up below for your life-changing gifts from world famous energy healers at NO COST and help support creating a better world:


There’s no cost to sign up and listen so I hope you will join me in helping change the world for the better. It’s start with you.


thanks and blessings


Ellie Drew



Did I mention that when you sign up for this free series, you’ll receive

FIVE free gifts to help you activate your new future?


These audios are the first step towards manifesting your heart’s desires...

and when you listen to the expert healers on Eram’s series, you’ll be able to achieve lasting change.


Go here to join us:


P.P.S: This Telesummit is all about giving. So please, give the gift of giving and forward this email to your loved ones.




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