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Easter Sunday Global healng & ascension update

Be sure you are on the LIVE call

This Easter Sunday join a Global Healing channeled by Ellie Drew to assist in the Ascension process occurring since June of 2017. The communicators are calling 2017 onward the Dawn of the Golden Age, so we are literally in the midst of a deconstruction and reconstruction of our reality, and why you are seeing such polar opposites expressing right now.

Only as we join into ONE MIND / HEART do we have the Power to transform earth’s Frequency Bed to be the reality we desire to live in.

We can ONLY change outer reality with INNER POWER. And the best news? The energies shifted like a wave in July of 2017 toward progressive, positive change from over 30 years of an integrative energy phase, or what we would call a non-progressive energy wave.

This is our time to bring forth the reality we desire most, so do not despair or we fail. Be firm in your resolve to own your life and your thoughts and put them toward our collective desired outcome. It’s critical you do this, as the power of your thoughts adds to similar frequencies, so use your pain, suffering, frustration, anger of injustice to fuel your true desires.

Transforming any pain energy in the cauldron of your pure heart and intention to something magnificent is a win for us all, because it feeds what we desire and not what we wish to transform.

You will be able to ask questions of the communicators and Ellie. We will try to limit it to two hours.

Note you must be on the call LIVE to participate. Please strictly no recording with your personal devices during the call. Click to REGISTER.

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